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What People are Saying about RaE's Teachings

Maysa Lozano

Rae’s teaching was like a new beginning for my life. It reminded me of many things that I had read before, but it’s different when someone brings it to our attention with such energy, love and patience and explains it in such a way that it is easy to understand. What I have learned from her cannot be undone and I know I can never go back to the person I was before. I love Rae’s energy, she has lived the practice she teaches and you can feel the depth of her experience. She has the unique ability to empower us with the courage to surrender to a life full of love and determination. I’m deeply grateful and very much looking forward for my next workshop with her. Love to all.

Sabrina Büttler

I’m not one of this really experienced yoga practitioners like the other ones in the course but I was really curious… After just 3 days of training with Rae I was really really happy! I felt so comfortable in this round, it felt light and content to spend time with such nice people, it made my heart a little bit more open. It was exactly what I was looking for, no pressure, just feeling and letting go! I felt so calm at this time, and I felt softer in my whole body! I really feel that I have now a tool to take some time for my body, for myself. It really opened a new path for me and I’m really happy that I now have this possibility to practice every day.

Seeah Umajalsu

I got so much from the class with you. It was powerful making the commitment and showing up and doing the practice and integrating it into my life. Thank you so much Rae. You are an amazing being and I’m so grateful to have had time with you. Look forward to more!

Viviana Preciado

My first teacher training with Rae was back in December 2019.
It was the first time that I followed a course with her but since that moment I was so impressed and amazed by the information she provided – theorical and practical – particularly by the way she delivers it, in such an accessible and friendly manner, touching such profound subjects. Since then, I’ve enrolled in several courses with her (Yin, Therapeutic Yoga, Pranayama and now the Radiant Beauty Hatha Yoga Program, which I’m taking with one of my daughters) and I’m sure that I’ll be in this journey for much longer. Thanks Rae, from me and from Arianne.

Aylin Karadayi

Rae is a wonderful and highly knowledgeable teacher. She is capable of igniting a fire within her students and she sees and teaches far beyond the actual and physical. I am very thankful for everything I have learned; it has shaped me in many ways.

Sabrina Bruner

It’s incredible how much Rae taught me about the richness of yoga. She is an amazing teacher and inspired me a lot. It is like a seed, who finally got the right amount of water and sun to grow and start transforming. Thank you Rae for: sharing your practice and your profound knowledge, your tireless teaching with all your senses on every koshas, your guiding to connect to our inner true self, your deeply loving kindness, your awakening call & your great energy, warmness and sense of humor.

Mabel Eugster

Rae creates an environment of realness. She waves Divine Inspiration with great humanity and often infectious humor. She parallels the Yoga experience on the mat with the human journey in the world. She creates a place where everyone is not only welcome but encouraged to come as they are and get stronger. She embodies unconditional love, joy, and growth. Rae grounds the spiritual with the practical, offering tools through the union of mind, body, spirit and heart to become a more joy-filled person in the world. I can strongly recommend a training with her.

Erica Unterman

Thank youI have been able to progress my practice with your guidance over the last few weeks and today. I finally achieved bakasana! I am grateful for your pace, skills and the space you’ve been providing. Thank you thank you thank you!! I’ve been trying to manifest a rainbow in upstate to share with you but feel that flying is magical enough.

No Compromise

We believe that no one should have to compromise their health for beauty.  Formula Flawless is dedicated to 100 % fresh, organic, pure skin nourishment without the nasty toxins, preservatives, fillers and additives used throughout the skincare industry to preserve shelf-life. 


In my 20’s I suffered from extreme acne, in my 30's I suffered from age spots, dry skin, red patches and wrinkles!

I was traveling the world, teaching Yoga and tried all kinds of skincare products, including the most expensive at fancy shops in the airports but nothing worked for me.

To solve my own skin problems, I used my background in organic chemistry and combined this with decades of study in Yoga and Ayurveda.

When I discovered what worked I started sharing with others. First serums, then creams, scrubs and face masks and people kept writing to me talking about how these worked so well for them and quickly.

This was a pivotal moment, because when I saw how so many people transformed life-long issues in a short amount of time I had a choice to make. And Formula Flawless was born.

There are a few rules that I formulate by. The first rule is freshness. The second rule is no fillers, which only dilute the product. The third is no nasty poisonous preservatives I use natural probiotics, which are good for the skin, to retain freshness.

My skincare is based on one key principle - Everything has to be something I would use on my own skin, which means it's made fresh with the highest efficacy and vitality. This presented a challenge to overcome, because most companies mass produce and store in warehouses for up to 3 years.

I had to design a way of getting fresh skincare to customers within just a few weeks of formulation. The benefit for you is that your skin enjoys organic fresh nourishment.  

I've realized I could make a huge difference in people's lives creating fresh skincare products that retain the vital force of nature. Currently, we are a boutique, artisanal lab based in Washington State.

This means that everyone of your purchases supports my vision which disrupts an industry that only benefits itself on the backs of people's hope for good skin. Are you ready for the future of skincare?

Rae Indigo

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