Formula Flawless for Men delivers a unique system that works at a molecular level, delivering vitality to old cells, hydrating chronically depleted skin and stimulating a healthy, strong complexion.

Men’s skin is 10 - 20% thicker than women’s because it contains more collagen and elastin.

But as we age, the reduction of collagen and elastin is often more prominent.

Men also have more pores, and their sebaceous glands are more active, producing more oil than women.

So it's essential that the skincare you use balances out your natural sebum, whilst exfoliating, cleansing, nourishing and stimulating new collagen growth.



Rejuvenate post shave, with a gentle resurfacing scrub that balances sebum, softens skin and helps prevent ingrowing hairs.

The F34 Luxury Delicate Rose Resurfacing Scrub is suitable for all skin types and exfoliates your skin in a way that recalibrates your natural sebum balance. Highly effective at removing rough areas and preventing ingrown hairs, yet gentle enough to be used daily. Rinse well after shaving and apply to wet skin. Finest grains melt away impurities, giving your skin a well-toned, resilient, youthful and instantly improved complexion.


With the World's most effective, non-invasive way to stimulate collagen growth.

For those with under eye bags and fine lines and wrinkles. Start by applying 1-2 drops of the F108 Intense Collagen Creating Serum. 20ml of pure liquid gold. It's the world's most effective, non-invasive way to stimulate collagen growth. Highly effective for lifting under eye bags and smoothing lines and wrinkles, it's gentle, powerful and gives instant results. Look 10-15yrs younger with 2 months use. Best used in combination with the F16 High Performance Serum for Men or the F3 Deep Hydration and Plumping Serum.


Nourish, hydrate and lock in moisture for age repair and prevention.

This essential maximum hydration serum feeds your skin vital nutrients that reduce
wrinkles and lifts complexion so that you look and feel immaculately well-groomed and youthful. Specifically formulated for men's skin, the F16 High Performance Face Serum For Men immediately freshens and brightens skin tone, tightens pores, hydrates, smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles and helps resolve stubborn eye bags. The perfect all purpose serum for men.

4. Protect and Strengthen

Protect and strengthen your skin with antioxidants, eye cream and face cream.


This routine is designed to ensure your skin looks and feels its very best.

The F108 Intense Collagen Creating Serum should be applied after the scrub has been rinsed off. Apply 1-2 drops only and massage gently into your skin. 

It's important to know that this serum must be used in conjunction with one of our hydrating serums such as the F16 High Performance Face Serum for Men, or the F3 Deep Hydration and Plumping Serum.T

he F16 High Performance Face Serum for Men can be used on its own, or after applying the F108 Intense Collagen Creating Serum. This is the essential serum for hydrating and smoothing your skin, reducing lines and wrinkles to give you that immaculate and well-groomed look.

To protect and strengthen your skin, finish your routine with the F22 Luxury Eye Tightening and Lifting Cream and then use the F9 Skin Glow Vitamin C Multi-Antioxidant Spray during the course of the day. Especially if you are exposed to pollutants such as traffic fumes.

If you're in cold, dry weather then a better option would be the F116 Chocolate and Blueberry Face Balm. This hardy balm will protect your face and lips against the harshest of climates.

At night, use your F108 Intense Collagen Creating Serum again followed by the F16 or F3 Serum, or alternatively follow with the F25 Perfectly Balanced Day and Night Cream.


This routine is also available as a Men's Skincare Pack, just click on the link below.

No Compromise

We believe that no one should have to compromise their health for beauty.  Formula Flawless is dedicated to 100 % fresh, organic, pure skin nourishment without the nasty toxins, preservatives, fillers and additives used throughout the skincare industry to preserve shelf-life. 


In my 20’s I suffered from extreme acne, in my 30's I suffered from age spots, dry skin, red patches and wrinkles.

I was traveling the world, teaching Yoga and tried all kinds of skincare products, including the most expensive at fancy shops in the airports but nothing worked for me.

To solve my own skin problems, I used a biology-first approach combined with my background in organic chemistry and with decades of study in Yoga and Ayurveda to create formulations based on the principles of epigenetics to rejuevenate skin at a cellular level.

When I discovered what worked I started sharing with others. First serums, then creams, scrubs and face masks and people kept writing to me talking about how these worked so well for them and quickly.

This was a pivotal moment, because when I saw how so many people transformed life-long issues in a short amount of time I had a choice to make. So I joined up with my co-founder Andrew Phillips and Formula Flawless was born.

There are a few rules that I formulate by. The first rule is freshness. The second rule is no fillers, which only dilute the product. The third is no nasty poisonous preservatives - I use natural probiotics, which are good for the skin, to retain freshness.

My skincare is based on one key principle - Everything has to be something I would use on my own skin, which means it's made fresh with the highest efficacy and vitality. This presented a challenge to overcome, because most companies mass produce and store in warehouses for up to 5 years.

I had to design a way of getting fresh skincare to customers within just a few weeks of formulation. The benefit for you is that your skin enjoys organic fresh nourishment.  

I've realized I could make a huge difference in people's lives creating fresh skincare products that retain the vital force of nature. We are a boutique, artisanal lab that cares.

This means that everyone of your purchases supports my vision which disrupts an industry that only benefits itself on the backs of people's hope for good skin.

Are you ready for the future of skincare?

Rae Indigo - Biochemist and Founder of Formula Flawless

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