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Learn how to Harness
the Forces of the Universe to -

~ Awaken your Inner Power
~ Break the Pattern of Loss
~ Rewire your life

Rae Indigo's The Yoga Sutras Program

3 Month Program
Begins Saturday, April 6th 2024


Are you tired of feeling that life has lost its shine?

And do you secretly worry that it's not life, but YOU that's forgotten how to shine?"

The Yoga Sutras -
Ancient Technology for
Modern Aesthetic Living



~ Weekly live zoom where we unfold each sutra

~ Understand the meanings and applications in our daily lives

~ Become skillful in areas of life that once seemed difficult

~ Meditations and contemplation to unveil each sutra’s wisdom

~ Increased curiosity and wonder

~ Guidance and information on how to overcome life’s obstacles

~ Breathwork to stabilize mind and emotions

~ All recordings in an easy-to-access portal

~ Whatsapp group chat to handle questions, share experiences and enjoy a community of connected and caring beings

Customized Skincare based on
one-to-one Consultation with me

During this course you are invited to experience
full face and body care customized to your needs. 

This includes products not on our regular website that restore vitality and vibrancy using Ayurveda.  

If you choose to receive one or two custom boxes, this comes with a 20 minute private consultation with me to understand your skincare needs.  You will be very happy with the results.

Dear Yogis

With the Yoga Sutras ~ Take Back My Life Course we have an opportunity to reclaim our lost abilities to create, experience liberation and understand the nature of ourselves and the world around you.

Of course this benefits your life, but it also benefits everyone around you, from friends to loved ones.

As we walk through each sutra, you will naturally rearrange furniture in your mind.

Entire vistas of information will become yours to view, things that seemed impossible or distant will become close.

Your very curiosity will unfold the world in a childlike way with the wisdom of ages as each sutra awakens a new dimension of beingness.

I explain what the higher yogas bless us with.

Its like a full remodel of your home, with larger viewing windows.

Once your windows are bigger you will notice outside is an old junk yard or something you don’t like and rather than try to change it, you will just move.

As we improve our inner world, we naturally move to an altogether better place with a stunning view and more harmony of being.

Now that sounds so simple, but apply that to any area of your life and you will see that it is also a profound skill.

This skill of succinctly changing the external world is one of the many benefits of the yoga sutras that will be seen by those around you.

But the most profound benefits happen inside of you, like inner Northern Lights that are impossible to describe and gives rise to the external manifestations of success and transformation that those around you will see and be inspired by.

Rae Indigo

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Yoga Sutras will awaken the inner you within your mind

By systematically unveiling the nature and hidden impulse of your mind, you are able to stabilize thoughts and emotions. You will have daily meditations and contemplations to support you. The end result is your mind works for you not against you.
You will experience positive emotional states.

Ongoing guided personal practice to uplift and transform

As you apply your new understandings to the world around you, unforeseen experiences will arise. In this course you will be guided through these and given useful tools to navigate new experiences and realizations.

Emanate your natural state of being which is much needed in the world

You will emanate your natural state of being and there's never been a time that's more needed in the world. Of course, your natural state of being is beautiful, kind, powerful, harmonious, bringing uplift to all you meet.

Yoga Sutras - Take Back Your Life Summary

~ Recover your innate ability to create

~ Begin each week with a live class

~ Enjoy powerful customized meditations

~ Make your mind your ally

~ Clear out emotionally charged past events

~ Manifest a future you love

~ Feel mental clarity and purpose

~ Arrange your day with vision

~ Understand inner and external universes

~ Read philosophy for pleasure

~ Lifetime access to the Yoga Sutras Community

All teachings are recorded, so if you cannot make the live class, you can access later.

All teachings are recorded,
so if you cannot make the live class, you can access later.

What's included in the Program

~ 3 Months of Weekly Live Instructional and Meditation Calls with Rae.

~ Whatsapp community group

~ Personalized meditation practices

~ Understanding of Yoga Sutras and how to apply to daily life.

~ Improved quality and experience in life

~ 24 months access to the Membership Area - where all call recordings and short daily practice videos can be replayed at any time

*For those investing in skincare rejuvenation boxes 20-mins Private One-to-One Consultation with Rae - to assess your individual needs in the program